Paul and Jane’s faithful and patient pursuit of the vision for Chapel House has captured the hearts and imagination of many people who have already witnessed the impact of their ministry.

Below is a collection of testimonies and words of encouragement from church leaders, friends, mentees and others who have supported or experienced Chapel House.

“It has been a joy and privilege to get to know Jane and Paul over the last five years and to collaborate with them in Kingdom ministry, within All Saints and beyond.  They embody their message, their vision and their values. Their passion and commitment to generous hospitality, helping nurture empowering relationships and to the love and care of those who lead is inspirational and fruitful.  We are so excited about how Chapel House will allow them to further this ministry and bless more people than ever before.”

Rich & Kath Johnson, Leaders of All Saints Church, Worcester

“I can definitely say that I have caught the vision for Chapel House.  This is the fruit of over ten years of prayer and waiting on God for the Wilcox family.  I consider the Mentoring and Retreat vision to be one of the most significant steps in encouraging, inspiring and challenging Christians to be the best that they can be for the Kingdom of God.”

David Shirley – mentored by Paul Wilcox

“When I moved to Worcester just over two years ago and was trying to decide whether to make All Saints my spiritual home it was Jane whose perceptive prayers helped my decision. After joining the home group which Paul and Jane led I quickly recognised they have the necessary gifts of vision, leadership, welcome, hospitality and courage to initiate and sustain a project like Chapel House. Over the months of soldiering on through one obstacle after another they have also shown they have the determined, obstinate faith to carry it through.

So every blessing and much joy as you make your home and ministry at Chapel House – ‘I am confident that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus’   Phil 1.6″

Hazel Catton, Worcester

“Over the past nine years Paul’s mentoring has transformed my life and helped me to grow as a husband and man of God. I have seen this impact repeated in the lives of many others which is why I felt so compelled to support Paul and Jane’s ministry. I am passionate about seeing Chapel House become a reality as my heart is absolutely convicted this is where their mentoring vision is now ready to be fulfilled.

I am convinced with our prayers and support God will honour this vision and transform it into a place where those who invest so much in others will find the physical and spiritual refreshment they need.”

Tim Joesbury-Clarke – mentored by Paul Wilcox

“My first meeting with Jane was memorable because in her I instantly felt the warm welcome and gentle acceptance of Jesus. Beneath her quiet and unassuming manner I have discovered a true humility and non-judgmental compassion that makes it easy to be real and unguarded with Jane.

Her capacity to listen – both to God and others – has enabled a clear ministry of God’s healing to those encountering the struggles and trials of life and her godly wisdom has inspired my own journey of faith and encouraged me to trust God as a faithful loving Father.

So when Paul and Jane shared the vision God had laid on their hearts it prompted a resounding ‘Amen’ in my spirit. The preparation and challenge of praying and waiting on God for the vision to become reality has, I believe, further demonstrated their faith to be genuinely rooted in Christ as author and perfector and their ever present help. I feel this stands them in the right place for the responsibility of guiding and encouraging others in their journeys of faith in Christ Jesus.

I give great thanks to God for their faith-filled hearts surrendered to serving God’s glory and His Kingdom purposes.”

Alina Clarke

“Being able to see Jane every few months has been invaluable to me over the past few years. It has been an immense time of change and personal growth and challenge – a time when I feel God has really been working on so many areas of my life. Being able to have a place to retreat has given me the space to process, reflect and pray about changes, direction and challenges in my life. I think God has used this to bring clarity in so many areas at different times, providing direction and sometimes correction in areas of my thinking, as well as helping me to see the bigger picture.

Jane will sometimes hold up a mirror and articulate things that I would not be able to see in myself. Through meeting regularly and sharing my struggles and confusion, I feel I have a better understanding of who has God made me to be. I am a braver and bolder follower of Jesus because I have had this opportunity.”

Ruth – mentored by Jane Wilcox

“I have been a Christian for almost 30 years, and over the last 4 years have been mentored by Paul. In that time Paul has guided me through the roller coaster of life and has successfully navigated me to total revolutionary thinking. Paul has provided me with tools that have transformed my relationship with the living Jesus and that have helped me connect with the God who saturates me with His love more than ever before. Chapel House adds a dimension to Paul that will fuel his desire to transform lives of young guys. He is infectious, courageous and Godly. Chapel House will be an incredible place where God will renew a steadfast spirit in people, a place where peace rules and broken lives will be made new. I know this because when I visited, God was there, the Holy Spirit was tangible and Jesus was powerfully present.

Pete Oakley
Co-Founder and Director of Pulse Children’s and Youth Ministries

“Paul, thank you so much for all your time these past two days at Chapel House. I know you put prayer and time in before I arrived and I so appreciate it. I thank God for you. I feel I’m still far off from where He wants me in terms of my obedience and how I’m living my life and loving others, but you’ve continued to be like landing lights on a run way; making really key points to me over the past five years – landing lights leading to the narrow path! You’ve spoken prophetically into my life and continue to speak wisdom into it, empowering me as I prepare to take on my new role at St Paul’s, Hammersmith, and challenging the parts of my life I try, and sometimes successfully, ignore. Your love and support are an inspiration.

Josh Lees, 23, Youth Students Pastor.

“An amazing opportunity to take time out and reflect and digest spiritual nourishment. It was so great to appreciate the gift of marriage God has given us. Thank you for your hospitality and creating space for us to hang out together.”

Paul and Phillipa Barton, who took part in Chapel House’s Couples Retreat.

“Good company, good food and lots of laughs. This was balanced alongside support, encouragement and learning more about marriage and including God in that journey. We felt very blessed.”

Paul and Becky Hudson, who also took part in the Couples Retreat.

“It has been a real blessing to be here – just what I needed. I feel refreshed and revitalised. It’s so peaceful here. Thank you to all those who served so faithfully.”

Bec Woods, who joined the Breaktime retreat for people working in education.

“Thank you for providing the space and time to hear God say ‘SLOW DOWN’ and helping me reaffirm my identity in Christ.”

Chris Taylor, who also took part in Breaktime.

“Thank you for amazing hospitality and for leading us in a significant afternoon for us as a leadership team. It was so great to take time out together and reflect, listen, pray and eat together. Thank you to the amazing Wilcox family!”

Lifehouse Church – leadership team afternoon hosted by Chapel House.