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What is Chapel House?

It’s a house with a chapel on the front of it. It’s also home to the Wilcox family, and we’re all about hospitality. So from day one we’ve made of it a place in which others can step sideways, out of life’s unrelenting activity, and into something of the profound rest of God.

It’s a space of unhurried encouragement, good food, laughter, honesty, passion, and (in the words of a recent visitor) “the finest puddings in all the ‘Shire.”

We’re set in the beauty of Worcester’s rural fringe in the community of Hallow, welcoming all those involved in Christian ministry and mentoring to unwind and be deeply refreshed in a small, intimate, relational setting.

Chapel House is a space where we are learning how to Rest, Wait and Receive.

If you want to know more we’d love to hear from you.


Paul & Jane Wilcox